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Power Electronic Equipments
Online UPS
Online UPS

Inverter and Home UPS 2 - 5 KVA

We are offering to our clients, inverters, which have a prolonged battery life. These take just a fraction of a second to automatically switch over from mains to inverter during load-shedding and vice-versa.
The features are :

Prolonged battery life
It has unique deep discharge protection and overcharge protection, which ensure a very long battery life
Portable, pollution free & noise free
Ensures full safety of various electrical & electronic equipment as well as the inverter

Inverter Home UPS 2 - 5 KVA
Specifications :  
We accept enquiries only from customers in Maharashtra
Voltage 130V - 275VAC (Settable)
Frequency 50Hz±5%
Voltage 220VAC+2% (Inv.mode)
Frequency 50Hz + 1 % on UPS. mode
Waveform Sine Wave
Change Over <8ms
Efficiency >90%
Protection Overloads Short ckt. trip
Function of Buzzer Audible Alarm with LED
Range 2KVA, 3KVA, 5KVA
Battery Tubular, Thick Plate