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Digital Home UPS 1.5 KVA

We offer home UPS, which is developed as per international quality standard. These UPS are highly efficient during intermittent power cuts. Our range of home UPS comes with 1.5 KVA configuration that ensures complete security and comfort. These home UPS are automatic electronic unit find usage in lamps, tube lights, fans, TVs, VCR, cordless phones, audio system and other household electrical appliances.

Inverter Home UPS 2 - 5 KVA
Specifications :  
We accept enquiries only from customers in Maharashtra
Voltage 130V-275VAC(Settable)
Frequency 50Hz±5%
Voltage 220VAC+2%(Inv.mode)
Frequency 50Hz + 1 % on UPS. mode
Waveform Sine Wave
Change Over <8ms
Efficiency >90%
Protection Overloads Short ckt. trip
Function of Buzzer Audible Alarm with LED
Range 1.5KVA
Battery Tubular,Thick Plate